Where is my compiled ESP32 binary exported?

Hello all,

I am using IDE 1.8.14 on Mac OS and can't find where my compiled ESP32 binary is exported (not under my project folder). Any clues?


Hi @MEL69. Are you using the IDE's Sketch > Export Compiled Binary option?

It looks like there was a bug in the ESP32 boards platform that made it not work:

It was fixed today, but there hasn't been a release since that time.

Yes I use that menu but I am still on 1.8x

My version is 1.8.9 and the .bin is in this folder: my file : ESP32-Car_CAM_V04.ino.bin

Path : C: \ Users \ xxxx \ AppData \ Local \ Temp \ arduino_build_841289.
Each build creates a new "arduino_build" folder

PS; Sorry, my OS is win10.

RV mineirin

The "2.0.0-alpha1" version number referenced in that bug report is the version of the ESP32 boards platform:

The Arduino IDE version is not relevant to that bug. It's only by coincidence that there is an Arduino IDE version with a similar name.

The version of the board I have installed is 1.0.6

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