Where is the Arduino headed?

Whats the roadmap for the Arudino?

I for one would love new more powerful varieties of Arduino. E.g. Atmega32 and a Attmega128 one.

The API provided by the Arduino is very powerful and can be ported easily to other platforms. Hell I would love to see a Linux based ARM or AVR32 board Arduino board that existing programs are mostly compatible with.

Are there any plans of this nature? To expand the Arduino family now that the Decimella is basically perfect hardware wise?

Atmega128 already done = http://www.wiring.org.co/hardware/compare.html or I'm I missing something :-/

Someone else posted not so long ago that they were going to build one, and there’s something similar over here:-


Atmega128 already done = http://www.wiring.org.co/hardware/compare.html or I'm I missing something :-/

AFAIK wiring isnt completely open. I think its hardware is closed. Also I've never figured out how you actually buy one.

I am considering getting a ET-AVR. It would be really nice if Arduino offered something similar though.

I can't comment on the openness, but Sparkfun sells the Wiring board here.

Arduino with atmega1280 has been working on a client project I did for about 6months...

expect 2 big surprises soon...


:o that's a big hitter

How soon?

Since Arduino is an open source project, the question shouldn't be where is Arduino going, but where do you want to take it, yes? I'm planning a Botduino - two bidirectional motor outputs (2A max ea.), dedicated 3 pin headers for connecting up to 4 Pings and 2 wheel encoders. Battery terminals and a fuse. Possibly connectors for 2 servos, maybe LEDs to indicated motor status, optional kitchen sink. What's your plan?

On a side note, I'm interested in porting other processors to the Arduino API. I've got a Attiny2313 set up and ready for development.

Can we split pins_arduino.c up in to processor specific files? Then it would only be a matter of making a new file and inserting a small if in pins_arduino to include the correct processor's file. Kind of like how avr/io.h is done.

Since Arduino is an open source project, the question shouldn't be where is Arduino going, but where do you want to take it, yes?

Partially. The Arduino developers really have the last word about the project.

Partially. The Arduino developers really have the last word about the project.

I’ve seen a lot of examples in the short time I’ve been here that suggest the distinction between the developers and the larger community isn’t that important to the direction Arduino is taking.

The new generation of arduinos would be a great step forward :) opens up a whole new set of possibility's :)

more custom boards would be cool too :) (like that botdiuno that someone mentioned)

i like things like what the BB board has where there are pins set up so u can plug in servos easily :)

I've had a some requests for the Bare Bones 128 and personally I think the price for the Wiring board is pretty far out of line. I'm thinking about maybe a double row of female headers with a single row of male header pins going down into a breadboard - to keep the thing from being 8"' long.

Then again maybe it could be called the switchblade and be 8 " x 1"

I'd be glad to hear from anyone who wants to help get going on this, either in board layout or in just inputting their ideas for a low-cost 128.

You can find email address at my site, moderndevice.com. No sense in putting more spam bait out.


A mega128 for breadboards is suicide I think. ;D You'd only be able to effectively use half the pins. A mega32 is probably the limit.

I wouldnt mind a mega128 board suitable for protoboard. So you solder in a double line of female headers on each side and do what you want from there. Its the only way to do it effectively.

I really like my Wiring board; you never run out of pins! But the forums here are why I like using Arduinos.

As for Botduino, I'll start a thread when I have a beginning layout to share. I read the posts on another thread as Adilson Akashi (sp?) brought his single-sided board along with lots of helpful suggestions from the forum - and if memory serves, he began by sharing a layout.

I just got my hands on the new wiring mini board - $40 bucks and a gazillion pins - basically an arduino with a mega128 on it. Its really nice small and easy to use like an arduino on steroids. Having said that, I still think it would be nice to have an actual 128 based arduino - with open license and all that (and the forums) that make the arduino a bit of an improvement overall to wiring. It does prove the viability of a 128 based board for breadboard purposes.

btw I do also have the ET-AVR from futurlec and there truly is no comparison to the wiring-mini - there is absolutely no support for the ET - if you have trouble you're completely on your own. for the extra few bucks I'd go with the wiring-mini - well at least until there is a roided up arduino.

What ever happened to the 2 "big" announcements hinted at a few months ago?

I've also just received a couple of Wiring Mini's and can say they are great!

All those extra pins on a very small footprint.

Excellent support from the Wiring "Discourse" Forum as well.


Where does one manage to buy a "wiring mini"? And isn't the "wiring" project at about the same level of "open" as the Arduino project? (I couldn't find an explicit statement about the hardware...)

I think it would be a nice "unifying" hack if "ardunio maxi" == "wiring mini", even if that means different firmware (though I'm not sure what it should need different firmware...)

I assume "big announcement number 1" was "Arduino Nano", and we're still waiting for #2 ?

Where does one manage to buy a "wiring mini"?

You can purchase Wiring Mini directly from Hernando Barragan


And Massimo, will the second surprise involve a powerful, say ARM-based, microcontroller? :) It would be fantastic to have the ease of the arduino programming environment and the power of a more capable uC!

Can't wait for news!

Has there been anything that came from this? I'd love to have a arduino with a 128 on it. Or has anyone managed to get a 128 to work?