Where is the ESP32 chip and how is it oriented? v2


A few months ago I started a post with this title:

Where is the ESP32 chip and how is it oriented?

It is now closed. It has information that is wrong. Can it somehow be reopened, so that I can put a post to correct the info?

Groet, Koen.

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OK, it is now reopened until another 120 days pass without a reply:

In the future, if you need a post reopened, please click the :black_flag:   Flag button at the bottom of the topic, select "Something Else" from the menu, and then add a comment requesting the reopen with an explanation of why.

The reason that is better is because it will make sure the moderators see your request. We do monitor the forum, but we might either miss a request via a forum post, or else not see it so quickly as we would the flag.

OK, thanks. I have added my post.

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