Where is the LED RX pin ?!

Hi guys,
looking for external clock pins… so far i found some but two are missing …could you help me to find them ?
here are my pins:
pc27 ? ← there should be tclk 6 … but don´t know which pin
led"RX" <-same here ???

Best regards

Uh, did you forget to post some context that would tell us wtf you're asking about?

It's not clear what arduino board (or unofficial board) you're connecting to what device, or really anything else.

Damn ... you are right :smiley:
I want to connect an oscillator to the external timer pins of an arduino due. Some manuals at the internet list all the pins (9 pins). But there are two pins listed which i cannot find...

Sorry !

On Due, PC27 is not connected to anything, and the RX/TX LEDs are only connected to the 16u2.
You should probably be looking at the EAGLE schematics, but it looks like their symbol doesn't include all of the alternate function names for pins.