Where is the place to post suggestions for the Arduino IDE software?

I don't want to post any suggestions to the developers bug list. Is there another list for IDE suggestions/requests?

I've made a piece of test equipment using the Uno, and have 25 of these in the lab where i work. Each Arduino is connected to its own PC. I want to automate downloading the code to the Arduino, so I don't have to use Remote Desktop to connect to each machine manually.

If the developers would add command-line compile & download capability to the Arduino software, it would make many peoples job much easier.

I can easily write a tool which would kick off the compile & download process on the 25 machines I maintain, but I need the Arduino software to take the first step.



Check "verbose" on compilation and upload, and use these commands in your automated uploader.

There should be a native way to invoke from the cmd line. The IDE uses a unique temp directory for each compile. Until they change this,cmdline compile & download is really difficult.

Anyway- the original question is- Where is the correct place to send developers requests for new features?

In the Suggestion forum