Where should I begin?

I ordered an ANYCUBIC Kossel plus 3D printer this weekend (Anduino Mega 2560). The set up was not too bad to put together, but that was were the fun ended.

When I hooked it up for the first time to my computer my LCD display came up with what they showed in the manual. I was able to have the firmware uploaded, made the "blink: happen, and made some beeps on my keyboard.

At that point I downloaded the Pronterface from printrun. I set my port settings and BAUD on Pronterface then clicked "connect". That is were it has stayed in "connecting". Also my LCD went from having the display with temps, xyz axis, and so on to having 2 lines of solid blocks.

After much searching and trying what is within my skillset I have achieved nothing except alienating friends and family.

Things I have tried:

plugging/unplugging, downloading/uninstalling, turning off/on, every knob on the LCD, different settings on the BAUD, ....

I know it must have something to do with the firmware or software since the basic commands work. Also that the LCD worked fine until I tried to set it up with Pronterface. However no matter what I delete, or reset, I cannot get it back to where it was before the Pronterface.

I will answer any questions you have that may help me toward a resolution.

This Forum is not the place for the sort of assistance you need. The Arduino Forum is for helping people write their own Arduino programs. Your problems are with a pre-written program.

Maybe ask on the RepRap Forum.

Or contact the manufacturer.


OK I will look there also. I found some threads here by searching related to this topic. However no single issue is identical, and therefore the solutions do not match.

And on one hand there are allot of forums for 3D printing, but not many with active members. This genre is a new venture for me. Any information you can give me is helpful. Even if it is just pointing me in the right direction.

Thank you for your response,


Even if it is just pointing me in the right direction.

I'm afraid I have already shared all of my relevant knowledge with you :slight_smile:


No Robin, I can't believe. :slight_smile: