Where to begin with ANCS?

Hi everyone, I have been trying to interface my adafruit feather (ATMega32u4) with my iphone. I have successfully transmitted data between the two by controlling pins, etc. I have been trying to get into ANCS and have read the given Apple documentation (https://developer.apple.com/library/ios/documentation/CoreBluetooth/Reference/AppleNotificationCenterServiceSpecification/Introduction/Introduction.html).

My issue occurs in trying to pair my BLE device to my iphone, i am unsure of where to start. From what i have read, building my own iOS app is unnecessary but I am unsure of where to begin. There doesnt seem to be much documentation online other than the Notif library by Luke Berndt, however that library and its examples arent working on my device.

Any advice, links, or code would be greatly appreciated. I was also wondering if it would be possible to remove the reliance on the MCU and put all the workload of determining notifications onto the iOS side as i have already figured out how to send basic data across.

Thanks, CZ