Where to buy 4051 Multiplexer?

Where did you get yours? I bought a few wrong ones that have tiny pins that don’t fit. How can you tell from the name or the spec that it will fit into a breadboard?

My search has turned up these results. The price is anywhere between $0.50 - $4.10.:

HEF4051BP at newark.com

NTE4051B at newark.com

MAX4051CPE+ at maxim

CD4051 at jameco.com

I would like them soon, and I’m located in the United States. Any advice would be great.

You’re looking for the Package…

DIP or PDIP will fit a breadboard.

Save yourself some money too… Go here and pick the exact part number you want (Page 17):


Then go here and ask Maxim to send you a few samples:


:slight_smile: Thanks for the advice! I’ll try MAX4051CPE+.

I also found this at Tom Igoe’s site: “DIP (dual in-line package), PDIP (plastic DIP), and SPDIP (skinny PDIP) packages typically have the pins spaced 0.1 inches apart, and are convenient for the breadboards we typically use in prototyping”


Yes, and those called SOIC or SMD are the ones to avoid, they are for surface mounting