where to buy Arduino Mega enclosure

I've been looking arround but I can't find a enclosure for the arduino mega. Any one know were to get one.

Nope 'fraid not. I haven't seen one either!


Well, then I have to start looking for something that fit.

Yep there is no specific enclosure made to fit the mega or any arduino for that matter. You just gotta go with one that will fit your needs.

Well for the normal arduino's you have this one:


pricey for a standard basic box with 2 holes cut in the side, but if it makes you happy...

Not realy, looks like the holes are ugly hand cut.
Think I will have to look around some shops to see if they something that fits

A forum member named Mowcius is opening up an Arduino website/webstore that includes acrylic covers / cases for Arduinos. Perhaps he is planning on making one for the mega as well?

Yes indeed. I thought someone might bring that up. I am thinking of doing mega covers but the problem at the moment is the positioning of the mounting holes in relation to the headers, They are much too close for comfort for the design I had in mind.
I am also thinking of doing a mega box with acrylic layers. This would have space for limited components but more 'layers' could be puchased to make the box bigger and therefore fit in more components.


You may want to have a look here ...
and here

HTH :wink:

How about this?

By the pics in the arduino faceplate (look in the related products section), it seems that when used with a duemilanove, there is a lot of spare room, maybe a mega could fit?

They aren't half expensive!

Someone needs to find a nice good cheap one :stuck_out_tongue:

I am always on the lookout but no luck yet. Something like that but a bit smaller and much cheaper would be great for where I need a few cases. Normally I just do a custom one though to fit whatever the application requires.


Smart design (adafruit) you only need one mold for the main box and two for little covers.

$15USD for a small box is not too bad, if you realize it fits nicely and don't have to ponder how to open up a hole for an LCD. Still, I'm in search of customizable 3-D printing service or help to make a box I designed for a project. See my post. I need this box made:)

My colleague used http://www.shapeways.com/ for 3D printing of passenger train cabin (H0 size) and it looked great.