Where to buy Arduino Uno in India

I am a Engineer looking for Arduino Uno in India, Where can I buy? Any suggestion?


You can buy Arduino Uno Board in India from Tenet Technetronics, Bangalore You can make a mail to info@tenettech.com Also you can purchase online at http://tenettech.com

Regards, Bala Tenet Technetronics

Thanks Bala,

I have checked out the website of tenet technetronics,India. I am making the order with them. Thanks Man.

You are welcome. If you have any queries, contact me at bala@tenettech.com

I just made a post in another thread about Arduino Board in India...kindly check http://arduino.cc/forum/index.php?PHPSESSID=d6758dbbe40abf0a9ce419724ff7cf28&topic=137448.0