Where to buy cheap proto boards?

Hi guys,

I am wondering if you have any suggestions on where to buy large quantity (e.g. hundreds) of inexpensive proto boards (i.e. approximately 3'x2')?

I have used MPJA (cheap but shipping cost adds up) and Allelectronics (cheap shipping but boards are on the expensive side) before, but am am wondering if you guys know other reliable sources that supply these kind of proto boards at a good price?

Thanks in advance!

Measure Explorer Prototype boards http://www.mexplor.com/ I've purchased them in the past, they're quality and through hole plated for the dual side boards...

Are you asking about PCB-type protoboards, or those "solderless breadboard" type protoboards?

Are you asking about PCB-type protoboards, or those "solderless breadboard" type protoboards?

I am looking for PCB-type protoboards not breadboards. Thanks.

I get a lot of stuff from DipMicro. Shipping is pretty cheap, depending on weight but the most it's cost me is $3 for a few hundred components for first class and it came in two days, given that their warehouse is only about 30 miles away. But their prices are very reasonable, and get cheaper as the quantity ordered goes up. Here's a link to one of the protoboards they sell out of a few http://www.dipmicro.com/store/PCB-UNI7H . Check them out, can't hurt about $37 for 100 of 70x50mm I think.

Wow, dipmicro looks really nice, thanks! Now I wonder why I never came across this site before... I will order some tonight!

Glad it helped, those guys are great they don’t have it all but they do have quite a bit. Never went wrong ordering off them, only thing that kills me is they have their warehouse about 20 miles away from me but no walk in sales, the only store’s up in Canada, but $3 for shipping and getting it two days later keeps me from complaining. I found they have a store on eBay too with an occasional deal or two, might be worth checking that out too. Good luck.

I placed my order last night, the shipping ended up costing 8 bucks but that's OK since I ordered quite a few things and the prices were quite good. Now I am just waiting for my order to turn up on my door steps :)

I just got my shipment! I am so far pretty impressed with its service. Parts seemed to be of very good quality and the prices are very reasonable. The only gripe I had is that there is no way of tracking the priority mail shipment…

I’ll definitely buy from them again!

Cool, I'll add them to my good sellers list.


Out of curiosity, did you really mean that? Or did you mean 3"x2"? I've never heard of anything that large before :O.

Sorry my bad. I ended up buying this (CEM (Epoxy) Prototyping PCB 70 x 50mm w/ 432 Pads - dipmicro electronics) which is roughly the size I wanted.