Where to buy electronics supplies.

I have gone to radio shack and they have barely any selection and they do not sell many through hole components. I ordered from Digi-Key and I have had a good experience with them. I am particularly looking for a good servo for the arduino and I don’t want to spend too much money. I am looking at Parallax’s line and they look good but I would greatly accept any suggestions on where to buy.

Why, http://www.servocity.com/ of course.

Dealextreme has the lowest prices on super tiny servos.

For non-servo stuff, try Jameco, Mouser, All Electronics…basically, just put “electronic parts” into Google and check out the first few links.

do you want a walk in store or online? Radio shack is pitiful to be honest when it comes to electronics, which is why i only go there to get led’s and solder… the rest i get mainly from www.sparkfun.com

Check your local hobby shop.

Servo’s are used super commonly in RC Planes and RC Cars.

Failing that, here are a few online links: