Where to buy Femtoduino

Where can I buy a completed Femtoduino?

Well that's the site of the guy who designed it but he doesn't sell it. In the comments people say they've "ordered" them but they don't say where.

Femtoduino is a true libre hardware project. I released it under a libre licence to allow people to build their own and to give my contribution to the Arduino community.

...Shoot. I HAVE to build it myself. I think they meant ordering the parts/the PCB.

Hey, I'm the Femtoduino guy! Well, right now there aren't places from where you can buy an already assembled Femtoduino. You have two options:

  • build your own Femtoduino: you can use a PCB service like Dorkbot PDX to have Femtoduinos PCBs built for you. You'll than have to buy the required components (see bill of materials - BOM on the project webpage). You'll have to be able to do SMD reflow soldering, which is not something very simple. (yesterday I recorded this video which you may find useful)
  • Leave a comment of the project webpage asking if there is someone who built some Femtoduinos who can sell you one.

Hope this helps,


It’s you! You’re a genius! ;D …I’ve always wanted (well, always = since I got an UNO :P) to design the PCB and build an Arduino myself. I don’t know how to do either of those :frowning:

This soldering technique looks really hard. I have zero tools,except maybe the soldering iron, and even less experience (I’ve only soldered normally twice) in soldering, and I also saw this comment under Femtoduino:

Just got the parts in for my 9 fempduino’s. OMG they are small. This will be the biggest soldering challenge I have ever undertaken. I have been soldering for over 40 years …

Yeah… So building a Femtoduino: Next time. Buying one? Maybe! I’ll sniff around.

Soldering small components like those used on the Femtoduino isn't impossible.. it's just a matter of having the right tools. I would suggest checking if there is a diy community/hacklab in your city or ask around for people in your area.. you may be able to find people willing to share their tools.

Hi Chicken325,

I'm making Femtoduinos in the US. I haven't gone lead-free on the solder yet. They are great little boards. Fabio has done a great service for the Arduino world by releasing the Femto. Yes, the parts are pretty small :). I use Kapton stencils that I cut on the laser as a solder mask to get solder paste down properly. I've had some jigs milled to hold the PCB boards (Laen rocks - dorkbotpdx) while applying solder paste. The second jig has some alignment pins. I've got an Arduino controlled reflow oven until I get some of the 0.05" pins and convert it over to a Femto.

There should be a link to my flickr page that has photos, but here it is http://www.flickr.com/photos/63243033@N07/


HI- (bump)

@TomBillman- you still got some of these for sale n the US?

I'd like to grab a few to play with if the price is right. =)


Femtoduino for sale - You can buy them at http://femtoduino.com


not too cheap! ($10 for bare pcb?)...lol

still thanks for posting!... might still pick one up to 'play' with...

xl97: WOW!..

not too cheap! ($10 for bare pcb?)...lol

still thanks for posting!... might still pick one up to 'play' with...

Well, not exactly. That was the wrong price.

It's actually (INCLUDES shipping, handling, AND taxes):

$7.00 for one (1) PCB, $35.00 for five (5) PCBs, $68.00 for ten (10) PCBs, $102.00 for fifteen (15) PCBs.

... With RoHS compliant PCB materials (gold instead of copper, etc...)

The pre-assembled femtoduino boards are priced as follows (again, includes shipping, handling, and taxes):

$40.00 for one (1) Pre-Assembled Femtoduino $77.00 for two (2) Pre-Assembled Femtoduino(s) $150.00 for four (4) Pre-Assembled Femtoduino(s) $288.00 for eight ( 8 ) Pre-Assembled Femtoduino(s)

I know that as soon as we get more business, we'll be able to get the prices down significantly due to bulk purchasing. We're really just doing the best we can with what we have. :-)

You can buy femtoduinos off my store on tindie for $11 as of April 2016: https://www.tindie.com/products/UK_Open_shed/femtoduino/ Each board is assembled and rigorously tested in the UK.