Where to buy krone idc connectors?


I’m trying to find where I can buy PCB krone idc connectors like this KLS12-CM110-02.
This type of connectors is commonly used in RJ45 sockets but seems that it’s almost impossible to buy them separately (MOQ < 1000).

I’ve found only a one lot on ebay but it is in the UK, without international shipping. Probably, in the worst case scenario, I’ll buy there using some shipment broker.

Also it would be great to find 4 pairs connector.

Where are you - USA?


Suggest you use screw terminal PCB mount.

The IDC units you show do not like any cable/wire movement.

MarkDerbyshire, I'm from Europe but I have possibility to buy in the US, thank you!

larryd, I do not need any other cables except cat 5e - cat 6.