Where to buy working HC-05 ? not version 3.0-20170601


I purchased 3 HC-05 bluetooth modules on Amazon here: https://www.amazon.fr/dp/B0722MD4FY
I'm trying to set up a first test by pairing 2 bluetooth modules: Connecting 2 Arduinos by Bluetooth using a HC-05 and a HC-06: Pair, Bind, and Link | Martyn Currey

I managed to execute the following AT commands:
AT+RMAAD : clears any previously paired devices.
AT+ROLE=1 -> Master Mode
AT+CMODE=0 allows to connect to any device
AT+INQM=0,5,9 set inquiry to search for up to 5 devices for 9 seconds
AT+INIT -> I get ERROR(17)
AT+INQ -> I get ERROR:(1F)

Looking at forum posts, it seems to be an issue with my HC-05 version
AT+VERSION -> VERSION:3.0-20170601

It seems that version 2 modules work fine. How can I find a vendor selling HC-05 in the working version?
Unless there's a solution with v3 ..?

Do you really need to look around for multiple devices and then decide which to pair/bind with? Don't you know what other device you want to connect?

Yes, I'm doing some experiments and I need to understand and have all commands working.

Perhaps you can explain more about what you are doing.

If you absolutely need an HC05 to scan for and report other devices you may indeed be out of luck with v3.0.

The classic bluetooth functionality of the ESP32 in master mode does have scan capability and I can find the address of an HC05 with it.

You are right about dodgy HC-05s, but it is just possible that you need to use a wire to set AT mode rather than just push the button. Or, you need to hold the button down with a clip. Currey has information on this.

Thank you for your replies.
I will try with an ESP32 as it seems to be more complete than HC05 devices.

Ultimately my goal is the following: I have a bluetooth device (ELEGOO Penguin Bot) that is controlled from a iOS application and I like to control that device from an arduino nano equipped with a bluetooth module (by connecting I suppose as a master and send appropriate commands)

This robot has a BLE(Bluetooth Low Energy) module onboard, and is not compatible with the classic Bluetooth used by the HC05.

Indeed, the ELEGOO product description says

download the latest version of the "ELEGOO BLE TOOL" app

You will need to use a BLE enabled arduino like the Nano33BLE or the ESP32 using the BLE capability and not the classic bluetooth.

FYI it's possible to flash the HC-05 with other firmwares

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