Where to change IDE tabs background color?

Could someone knowledgeable point me to a place in source code , file name will do, where I can change editor tabs background color?
I did not find such option in preferences, just general font type and size.

Are there any important AKA need to know technical reasons and where is it documented for IDE usage of different font colors for variables, header files , class names etc.

See attached file - just to see the colors, I had to shrink it to be able to attach it.

Or are these just some convenient conventions for no particular or long forgotten reasons?


The highlighting is triggered by the keywords.txt files of the libraries. And yes once a word is mentioned in one keywords.txt file it will highlight that word even if the lib is not selected I think.

There is not much documentation about it AFAIK. If you want professional highlighting please use Eclipse or even notepad++ as external editor. Some people say it works great (others do not :wink:

I like Notepad++, it highlights well and has some other nice "text tools" (check e.g. the TextFx plugin)

Zie voor een oplossing hier: