where to connect my ir receiver

I am using a “41468 motor shield” (adafruit motor driver).
It seems to work ok for motors but I want to also put an IR receiver sensor so that I can start/stop motors from remote controls.

  1. Where do I connect the IR sensor? It only works on digital pins, right?
  2. Is the digital area fully occupied or can I connect sensors there too?
    Please help,Thanks.

What sort of Arduino do you have ?

You need to figure out which arduino pins the motor shield actually uses. If there are any
which the shield doesn't use, then use one of those.

You need to figure out what sort of interface your sensor has. It might be analog.

You can use the analog input pins as digital, too. Use pinMode to set to INPUT or OUTPUT.

yea,,its analog,and im using arduino uno R3..

how to set the analog as digital ? mind to gv some example ?

I presume you will be using the IRremote or IRLib libraries to detect the IR.

I suggest that you download and install one of these libraries and try out the examples.

Once you have the examples running you should be able to answer most of the questions you asked.

Adafruit claim that the only truly "spare" pin on the motor shield is D2, but if you aren't using stepper motors, then 4,7,8,12 are free too. As 2 is also got a breakout pin assigned to it , I plan to connect my IR receiver there for my robot project.

Without knowing the sheld, i guess it uses the digital pins only (range 0…13)
Then 14…19 can be used for the digital IR.

14…19 equals A0…A5