Where to download the German user manual for the Arduino Starter Kit "Starter Ki

Hi Arduino Support Team,
I purchased the english version of the Arduino Starter Kit "Starter-Kit" (German ‐ K040007) and have a hard time to find a German manual online. Is it correct that you don't offer it on your website? Please tell me where youre file vault is, so that I can download it.

I purchased the english version

German ‐ K040007

Well which is it, did you buy the English version or did you buy the German version and they accidentally sent you the English version?

I bought "Ardiuino Starter Kit 'Starter Kit'" and they sent me the english version. I searched online and I think I need the manual "(German ‐ K040007)".

I just need a PDF to print and bind it for my father to read. He would have an awfully hard time to read it in English, since he never learned it in school.