Where to find 'avrdude.conf'

I have been trying to find the file 'avrdude.conf' because another user informed that finding this file and editing the chip signature will allow me to boot load and program an ATmega328-PU, one problem however. That person that had the solution was on Mac OS, I work on Windows 10 OS, any chance I can still find it. Please help.

IDE version for whom it may concern: 1.8.1 Bootloading/Programming Arduino: Nano


Oh my gosh, I'm such a fool!!!, thank you!!. Now, how do I open/edit it?...


OK, sorry, I thought it would open with NP by default(it asked me which app to open it with, so I though I needed another source to open it due to it not using a normal app). I'll test it out and see if bootloading works, thanks!

Instead of modifying that, why not use MiniCore to bootload your '328? It has built-in support for the 328-not-p

Its in /hardware/tools/avr/etc (at least on Linux and Arduino 1.8.7).

I download RAW copy from:


Create folder “etc” on “C:\Users<your username>\AppData\Local\Arduino15\packages\arduino\tools\avrdude\6.3.0-arduino17” and copy file.

After works fine.


Welcome! :)