Where to find battery/cell skids (holders) for 26650 cells?

Recently I bought some 26650 Li-ion cells to use as big power storage for my ongoing projects. These were bought on-the-cheap from a Radio Shack store before they went bust. They are labeled as “3500 mAh, 3.7 Volt” and also with the label, “Battery Overcharge / Discharge Protection” (made by “de” with the label: “www.DEWORLD.com”…useless website). I bought some single-cell battery holders (skids?); the width of the holder is fine, but the length of the holder is too short to allow the proper fit of the cell without SERIOUSLY deforming the plastic of the holder (lengthwise).

I assume that I purchased the holder made for the cells WITHOUT the internal circuit overcurrent and overcharge circuitry. Can anyone point me in the right direction to get some that fit better? I know that I could fashion some of my own, I’m just lazy I guess…

Thanks all!

Did you google

26650 Li-ion cells holder

And then check the dimensions they supply, digikey give you a mechanical file.

Tom.... :slight_smile: