Where to find multiplexers?

if you are afraid of soldering....

what about this here?


That's a mess... My mom would probably be scared of that. I suppose it could be messier, though.

About the soldering tips, I think I could get the hang of it after awhile, I just need practice. Let's hope I don't break anything.

That Mux Shield is a little too expensive, I think I'd rather solder than but that, thanks for the suggestion, though.

yea it really does not take a huge amount of time to not totally suck at soldering as long as you have proper tools, ie no 45 watt iron with a roofing nail tip, which makes it real easy to burn stuff up and hard to place

though I spent the last nearly 20 years with a 15/30 watt radio shack switchable model with a freaking deck nail sized tip hanging out of it so what do I know lol

but when I switched over to a fine point tip and cooler temperatures, all of a sudden modern pcb work became much easier (and a fine tip is not always the best, chisel tips have their place, just not as much anymore)

I really don't understand 40 watt soldering irons, or for that matter, 500 watt irons. I've only ever used a simple handheld soldering iron, without the big bulky power supply, and even that thing can burn up some chips. What is the point of having a soldering iron that can melt through 6 inch thick steel?

Maybe folks want to solder on battery jumper cable terminations. Or copper pipes?


also commercially soldered stuff is a bear, try taking out a lug with a pound of rohs crap around it

Well it looks like I wont be using that anytime soon, even though it looks awesome to have laying around in my opinion.