where to find omni wheels?

I'm getting fruastrated. For a competition, I'm trying to make a robot with three omni wheels. Does anyone know where I can get omni wheels that can be easily connected to 12v motors?


Google shows lots of sources for omni wheels. To connect them to 12V motors you just need a large tube of construction adhesive. A few feet of rope or lag screws might work as well.

If your intent is to mount the wheels to the shaft of the motors it would probably be a good idea to provide the shaft diameter and length. Some detail as to the RPM that the motors will be driven at and what target speed you are looking for would also be appropriate.

They are just wheels and to drive them you just have to attact a 12v Motor.

http://www.societyofrobots.com/robot_omni_wheel.shtml used Kornylak omni wheels
Sparkfun also sell a Mecanum wheels - 4 pack

well i was thinking of the polulu 37D motors. http://www.pololu.com/catalog/product/1443

but any other motors that have around 1kg torque and a fast speed (rpm220)

jameco.com has omni wheels, but expensive at $19.95 each. I don't know what they will attach to.

hmmm. anyone know any omni wheels that somehow fit with a specific bushing/coupling/hub?

_kuroo: hmmm. anyone know any omni wheels that somehow fit with a specific bushing/coupling/hub?

The motor you linked to notes that the "units have a 0.61"-long, 6 mm-diameter D-shaped output shaft"; whether or not you can find wheels that will fit this will be up to you. Likely, you won't.

Welcome to "mechanical engineering".

What you'll need to do is either look into using a different motor, or for a shaft coupling solution (to couple the shaft of the motor to another shaft that -will- fit the wheel, or mounting hub, or whatever system it uses - you won't know this until you know which wheels you can use); you might find something at Pololu, but more likely you'll have to explore a number of options. Note that the coupling and shaft will not likely support the weight of the robot, you'll also need some shaft bearings (this is actually a good thing, as motor bearings generally can't support a lot of weight, either - it depends on the construction of the gearbox); small pillow blocks with bearings or bushings would work OK.

Look at places like Grainger, Small Parts, etc - there's many companies out there that sell these parts; just realize you're going to do a bit of looking and searching (it's like the mechanical equivalent of browsing digikey or mouser).

The other possibility - if nothing else works out - is to make a shaft coupling using any number of methods; this is where ingenuity will come into play (a great way to make a shaft coupling for certain uses is to use a bit of reinforced rubber hose - such as transmission fluid hose for an automobile or other, depending on what shaft diameters is needed; secure with epoxy or hose clamps, etc).


You might like to have a look on www.rotacater.com.au

To be fair her are some others www.andymark.com www.vexrobotics.com www.ergotechinc.com 9also knwon as the okaroll