Where to find the AD5206 digital pot?

Hi Everyone,

I've got a couple of projects in mind that require control of resistance, so I started looking at interfacing a digital pot to the arduino. Of course, I was happy to find the "Controlling a Digital Potentiometer Using SPI" article here on arduino.cc. It -- and a few other articles I found -- seem to prefer the AD5206 or 04 chip...but for the life of me I can't find anywhere I can buy one.

I buy a fair bit from places like sparkfun, vetco, or even the local radio shack. But no one seems to have the 5206 -- at least not if I don't want to order a lot of 100 of them :)

Has anyone had any luck finding them online? I just need 2 or 3 of them (to start, at least).

Thanks for your help,

Jeff/Totus Terra


you can buy as little as you like

Thank you! I have already ordered them, now if only they'd arrive! :)

Jeff/Totus Terra

I got two of them in the mail today as free samples from analog devices (analog.com), just in case anyone else is looking for them. Shipping to Austria via TNT was free too, great service :D