Where to find valid CMSIS-SVD-file for ATSAM3X8E

I'm trying to get some Rust-code onto the Due.

There's very helpful tool that generates a code representation of the hardware based on a valid SVD file:

There's a big list available, including the ATSAM3X8E:

Sadly the file of interest (ATSAM3X8E.svd) gives me an error:

$ svd2rust -i ATSAM3X8E.svd
error: Register CR has no reset value

According to this link this is due to a missing mandatory field:

Does anyone know if there's a fixed version out there or can this file be fixed manually by translating the missing information from the datasheet?

I don't know if it might help, but these tutorials show how you can use RUST with a DUE:


Thank you. The sources are a bit outdated and he references the same source I'm having problems with. But there are still a lot of useful informations that'll help me.