Where to find "WebServer_MultiPage.h"

Good morning all, does anyone know where to find "WebServer_MultiPage.h" which is refered to in script WebServer.ino in link http://arduino.cc/playground/Code/WebServer by Martyn Woerner. Have been browsing around quit a bit without success so far. stenhh

Take the code in the block ABOVE that example and put it in “WebServer_Multipage.h” in the sketch folder.

Hi, I am also trying to play around with the code but i got this error: Z:\Arduino\arduino-0023\libraries\WebServer_MultiPage/WebServer_MultiPage.h: In function 'void loop()': Z:\Arduino\arduino-0023\libraries\WebServer_MultiPage/WebServer_MultiPage.h:126: error: 'readHTTPRequest' was not declared in this scope Z:\Arduino\arduino-0023\libraries\WebServer_MultiPage/WebServer_MultiPage.h:129: error: 'sendPage' was not declared in this scope Z:\Arduino\arduino-0023\libraries\WebServer_MultiPage/WebServer_MultiPage.h:131: error: 'contentPrinter' was not declared in this scope Z:\Arduino\arduino-0023\libraries\WebServer_MultiPage/WebServer_MultiPage.h: At global scope: Z:r\Arduino\arduino-0023\libraries\WebServer_MultiPage/WebServer_MultiPage.h:144: error: 'EthernetClient' was not declared in this scope Z:\Arduino\arduino-0023\libraries\WebServer_MultiPage/WebServer_MultiPage.h:144: error: expected ',' or ';' before '{' token

Can anyone of you please give me advice? I am really new to arduino so all help are really appreciated... Thanks in advance

Go back to the original example and get the two blocks of code:

Webserver.h Webserver.ino

Also, install Arduino 1.0.