where to get a product assembled for mass assembly

Does anyone have any knowledge of how and where to get a project assembled, I am looking for an order of around 500, 1,000. It involves having a pcb made, some wires soldered, and some aesthetic things that i'm not really sure if I can get done.. such as wrapping floral tape around a strand of twisted wires to form a rose stem and folding ribbons to make rose buds. Any advice or directions?

Where ?

raschemmel: Where ?

I live in Fullerton, CA. I have no preference in the location of the assembly plant, whatever is cheapest.

I'm trying to start a kickstarter, but I'm stuck at needing a quote from an assembly plant

There's a place close to work I'll ask one of the guys for the name of the company tomorrow.

Try www.cbas-usa.com, they are also in CA.

For the electronic part, iTead in Hong Kong does contract manufacture for small quantities. That link above is to perform consulting and produce a quote for procurement and manufacture. I'm sure they will have contacts at other relevant factories for packaging manufacture etc.

I've used them for PCB manufacture before and the quality is good enough (i.e. their product meets their published design rules with high yield). I've not tried their complete-assembled service though.

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