Where to get EEPROM chips?

I've been reading about SPI EEPROM chips, which seem ideal for something I've got in mind.

Where would I get one from though? The only places I can find are large suppliers who have prohibitive pricing so timewasters like me don't order one part. Preferably not an SMD one either, I suspect I'd break it.

Lots of throw away items have small EEPROMS.

Nearly EVERY network interface card built since 2001 has one on it, for example. I’m looking at 2 that have a 93C46 right now.

Get a Chipquick kit and removing them (SMD) is simple.

Thanks pwillard, I didn't know that.

Have looked at ebay, mostly very cheap: 2 x 93C46 for $3 (free shipping) http://shop.ebay.com/i.html?_nkw=EEPROM+&_sacat=0&_odkw=EEprom&_osacat=0&bkBtn=&_trksid=p3286.m270.l1313

I have used Microchip's EEPROMs before and you can find them at any major distributors. This one for example is a 4K EEPROM (SPI) at DigiKey: http://parts.digikey.com/1/parts/536330-ic-eeprom-4kbit-10mhz-8soic-25aa040a-i-sn.html

Well, to be honest... I'm into recycling parts so I never throw old junk out.... which is why I have a few ancient NIC cards and such kicking around. If you have a few about... consider recycling.... but don't be tempted buy boards just to scrounge a few parts... that sort of becomes losing proposition.

There's always Crownhill UK. I had the link, but I can't post a link yet, sorry. These guys are in the OP's home country, no less. Bad news is, these parts are I2C, not SPI. Ebay has plenty of sellers with onesy-twosy ordering, most in Hong Kong. OK, so you wait 7 to 14 business days like the rest of us looking for cheapo deals.

My experience with small-byte parts like the 93C56 is less than stellar. I finally ended up going with 32k and 64k parts, I2C and SPI. I even wrote up some app notes for both types on how to use these. It was all pretty straightforward. I use a BASIC from an outfit called basicmicro.com. They even sell EEPROMs. This can't help the OP much, as these guys, like me, are in California. But the code may be instructive, so here's the forum's link: forums.basicmicro.net. Look for the app notes in the Nano section. Take care! :) kenjj

Thanks everyone. That crownhill shop looks good.