Where to get Li cells whioch meet spec.

I’ve been conned into buying various cheapo Li cells from eg ebay, which promise eg 4000mA- Hr from an 18650.

I now realise that’s not possible. They measured at maybe 1200mA-Hr

I kinow - I’m a twit.

Where do I get cells that do what they claim at a reasonable price?

I’m in the UK



Hobby King I don't know if they still do it but when you find an item you want leave it on your screen a minute or two and a one-time price reduction might pop up. Bought lots of stuff that way from them.

Find a seller that gives you the manufacturer and manufacturer’s part/model number and then find the manufacturer’s datasheet. (And, buy from a reputable dealer so you don’t end-up with a reject or fake.)

The advertised ratings are approximate/nominal. (And that’s from a reputable manufacturer… the specs on eBay may be exaggerated or outright false.) The datasheet should give you the minimum for the particular battery, and that’s what you really want to know.

And, make sure you understand how mA-hr is measured and the test-conditions for the particular battery. It will vary with temperature and discharge rate.