Where to get really cheap SD cards.

I'm sorry if this is the wrong section, but I didn't see a better section on here.

The majority of projects involving the Arduino and SD cards generally tend to use very little of the actual storage. And if you want to use a very basic file system like FAT, you are limited to 2-4GB anyway.

So I'm curious: Why don't they continue to make smaller SD cards? The smallest I can find is usually 8GB and Class 4. What I would love is if some place sold, say, a pack of 100 micro-SD cards at 1GB or less. Maybe from liquidation or something. Basically a place where I can get a whole lot of small, slow SD cards for dirt cheap.

Where's the best place to go for this?

I ran into the same problem. I was searching Aliexpress for the cheapest possible SD cards and it was a nightmare because all the SD card sellers have multi-item listings that sort in the search results by the cheapest option but the small capacity cheap cards were always sold out. I think they just add those cards to the listing to make them show up higher in the "price low to high" search results. It's really stupid how eBay and Aliexpress set up a system that is so easy for the sellers to abuse. Eventually I gave up and just spent a few extra dollars for the higher capacity cards even though I will never need that much space but since you're buying in quantity it's worth spending more time searching for a good price.