Where to ground Nixie tube from the high voltage power supply

I am currently trying to drive a single nixie tube with a russian clone 74141 IC chip. I am following a guide from instructables.com that can be found here . I have my arduino uno plugged into my laptop and am running the 5v power from the arduino into the Vcc of the IC chip. I am grounding from the IC chip to my arduino. The nixie tube is running on a step up chip that steps up from 12v to 175v. I have the nixie tube anode connected to the positive terminal on the step up chip but I can not figure out what to do with my negative terminal. I plugged the negative terminal from the high voltage supply into the chip and fried one of my IC chips. Am I supposed to just leave the negative terminal on the high voltage terminal off? I am very confused on what to do with the high voltage negative terminal.

All negative / ground terminals need to be connected together. Remember it's an electronic 'circuit' - if the electrons cannot return to gnd, nothing works (we're not using radio waves here)

The reason for you killing your IC is because you forgot to use the anode resistor on the tube. Without that you will destroy chips and the nixie tube, too.

Some reading

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ok so I read that article and it did shed some light onto the subject however I am still struggling with getting my volts and amps down. I added a 12k resistor between the positive terminal and the anode of my nixie tube. As I assume it decreased the voltage to the tube so i stepped up my power chip to deal with that resistor. Now I am still running 175 volts out of the negative leg of my tube. Do I need to add a resistor between the nixie tube and the IC chip to protect the chip from the high voltage?

I just don’t understand how adding a resistor in front of the anode helps me deal with the voltage at the IC chip. it seems like I need a resistor between either the 175 volt power supply ground and the common ground for the other devices or a resistor between each leg of the nixie tube and the IC chip.

Before i waste more time trying to explain how nixie tubes work, do some research on your own.

Try typing "Nixie 74141" into Google. and see how it's done. It's very simple.

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