Where to learn the lib content?


I am a beginner for Arduino Modbus, when I open one sample, there are :

 #include <modbus.h>
#include <modbusDevice.h>
#include <modbusRegBank.h>
#include <modbusSlave.h>

modbusDevice regBank;
modbusSlave slave;

what does the "modbusDevice regBank;" means?
"modbusSlave slave;" is also a weired one to me;
where can I find the definition and explain of this command,?

is there any official explains for modbus lib?


I believe these are instances of classes being declared.
I would locate the file for arduino.
There should be a file in there called Libraries or lib or something.
Within that file you can locate
ModbusSlave and your other installed libraries.
These libraries are going to have a .cpp and a .h file. take a look at the .cpp file

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This will explain the basics of libraries;


It would be unusual to find a full and detailed explanation of every part of a specific library, given that most libraries are written by volunteers, but the basic concepts are explained in the Morse library example above.

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Thanks, AK, clear direction and step

quite useful help, official explains, thanks Srnet

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