Where to Plug in servos on Arduino Uno

Where would i plug in two servos on the Arduino Uno, that did not come with the Arduino Uno kit. I got them from my robotics teacher and i do no know what port to put them in. If some one could help me with that and how to program it that would be Great, thanks. The servos have a three female pin connection port. And if i need to put them into the bread board could you please tell me where and how to program it. Thanks again!

The easiest thing would be to get some male to male header wires. The you could plug the servos into the Arduino for control and a breadboard for power.

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Look in the Servo library examples in the IDE (File, Examples). The examples should give you the idea on how to control servos. you will need an external supply for the servos as USB or the onboard regulator of the Arduino will not reliably power servos. The external power supply ground needs connecting to the Arduino ground.

i have them, this is the type of servo i have


So what do you need?

Red to power, black to ground, brown for signal.

Arduino Basic Connections sticky: http://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=185500.0

Card 7.

Basic servo wiring/power.