where to post new library

Hi all,

I've created a simple but usefull library to deal with Sharp IR distance sensors. It works very well for me and I thought I could share it with anyone who needs something similar.

Where should I post it? I haven't found any submission section or similar...

Thanks in advance!

You can post your library in this 'other software development' section, you are not restricted to it however, post where ever seems relevant to what your library does, just try not to cross-post unless each thread can contain section specific usage, rather than just repeating. You can also create an article for it in the playground: http://playground.arduino.cc/

Either way you still should post about it somewhere just so people know its there.

Agree with pyro

I often post article on playground and put a discussion thread in "other SW development", recently I started to post the libraries on github.

Cool, I'll do that. As soon as I find out how to start a new page on the Playground section. I've been looking around for a while and I haven't found it... :astonished:

you start on the main page and select [ edit ] somewhere at the top. Go to a place where your library fits in the wiki code Insert a link to your page (which does not exist yet) save, The link appears on the page and by clicking it the wiki creates it. select [ edit ] and ....