Where to Purchase Arduino Robot

I found the Arduino Robot on the Arduino Web site. I read all of the descriptive information and decided I would like to purchase one. However, when I select the Buy link, I don't see it in the list. I would like to know the price and the supplier. Thanks.

I'm pretty sure I saw somewhere that it, like you, is retired.

I can't even find the forum section it used to have under Products.

I got the impression it was never a very good product, but temper that comment with the fact I've never seen one.

It might be worthwhile looking at the other chassis available. With a simple chassis you can add what you want and not be hamstrung by the designer's architecture.

This is my guess from watching the goings-on, purely speculation. After the .cc/.org split .org manufactured and sold the Arduino Robot, .cc had retired the product. After the reconciliation .cc moved the Arduino Robot and all the other products manufactured by .org out of retirement and you can see it listed with all the standard Arduino products now but when you click the "Buy" button you get nothing. Only a couple of weeks ago you could still buy the Arduino Robot from the arduino.org website. Then arduino.org redirected all the buy links for their products to the .cc store but apparently .cc hasn't gotten their act together to actually sell the products. This company is so terrible at business it's really sad. I found some sources to buy the Arduino Robot:
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These are both listed as official distributors at Arduino - Home so I'd hope they are not counterfeits.

I'd definitely look at other options. The knowledge and entertainment you'll gain from playing with the Arduino Robot is easily worth $200 but I feel that working with hardware at that price level would be stifling to experimentation because you will be afraid to let the smoke out. If I mess up a $3 Nano clone it's not the end of the world but frying a $200 robot would definitely make me sad.

If you do buy the Arduino Robot be aware that the Robot_Control library included with the IDE is not compatible with recent Arduino IDE versions. You need to install the latest version via Library Manager for it to work but after that you should be fine.

There are many other options for robots you can program using the Arduino IDE and I have no experience with any of them. I did just talk to someone who is working on a bot named Simula that looks pretty nice:
Now you may notice this is a kit, you need to 3D print the body and it's even more expensive than the Arduino Robot but they're currently looking for Alpha Testers and it says if you sign up you get "coupons for massive savings". I'm not sure how much of a discount that would be but it might be worth signing up to see if it's something you're interested in.