where to put program files

where to put program files. this is probley the wrong places to ask anyway

I have been told recently that when installing programs on a windows computer it is best practice to put said programs in program files not directly on C drive I have programs on c and in program files they all work fine I don't change where to put the I let them go to there default file.

I ask why but the person did not give a decent answer other than its what everyone else does

why is this so important

You can put programs where you like. Since you are using the “Start Menu” (or similar) to invoke them, you have a link to the program wherever it is. Mind you, most WIndoze programs have an installer which puts them in a place where the writer thought best anyway.

A simple, self-contained program can go in Program Files, while a program with a complete file structure in its operation either goes in a subdirectory of Program Files, or a subdirectory of the primary drive root itself.

The program usually does not care, it is more a matter of being able to find the program if you need to. :astonished:

ta you just solved a urgument

Care to describe it?

a person said it was bad o so bad to have programs on the root of c it needs to be in sub folder like program files or program files x86 that's what everyone else does.

another comment was have you load a program from Microsoft that does not go in to the sub folders.

a few people gave him sh-- over it no one defended him I asked him can I have the reason why it needs to be in a program file not rot of c he did not answer.

one of the program developers said he could put the program where ever he wont s to put it it will work on root of c or a program file so it does not matter he ran away and is not talking to anyone now.

so its not a problem any more since one of the program writers said its fine where ever it is.

the reasons to put it in sub folders has its good reasons but its up to the developer where it goes not some nob who wont s it where Microsoft put stuff