Where to start? - aquarium project

He everyone,

I'm an Newbe. not yet own Arduino. I need your advice, I want to make an aquarium controller. At first stage I want to be able controll SMD50505 led strip up to 4 channel (4 diffrent colors). I want to fade them and light them acoording to timer. in Seconed stage I wnt connect pH meter, Temp, meter, ORP meter. In thired stage I want connect LCD touch screen to contorll and view the paramters. In thith stage to see and controll the paramters via web broswer and WIFI connection.

I know it is allot to study and doing. I'm now in squre one and I confused which Arduino should I buy? Where I can fond the devices and how it's all works?

I don't care if the project will take months, I have the time.

I hope you can help me.

Many thanks,


Hi, my suggestion is to proceed according to the following steps:

1) identify all the devices you need, according to the main characteristics (performances, measure precision, cost,...); 2) list the interfaces of each device (an ethernet shield is controlled with a SPI port, PH meter and temperature are analogue signals, LED strips are turned on/off with a digital command, etc); 3) try to match these interfaces with the one available on the arduino board, identifying any necessary external circuit (power transistor for the LED strips, amplifier for the PH sensor, different power supply, ...);

For example the arduino UNO has 6 analog inputs and 14 digital I/O (6 of them can be PWM output) so you could use: 4 PWM out for the LED strips (pins 9,6,5,3); 3 analog input for the temperature, PH and ORP sensor; 4 digital pins for the SPI port (pins 10,11,12,13); ?? digital for the LCD display

4) start to interface each device separately with the arduino board; 5) design and develop your application.