Where to Start Looking for some expert advice

Hello All,
First of all thanks for looking at my topic.

I’m an extreme newbie but I do have a technical background and electronic experience. I’ve researched this and there is some info out there nothing that just puts all of it together, so looking for some direction or if it is possible.

Build an automated Archery Draw Force Curve data logger using an arduino

Here is the hardware I have now
The Load Cell with indicator and serial data port

I’m attaching the spread sheet of where I want to store the data at a certain length(I’m open to suggestions if any is offered)
I made this spread sheet in 2008 and have hand entered the data so it works to plot the curve well, I just want to automate the process to eliminate two people(or a stop and go process of one person) and to also speed up the data collection(see it in real time).

The Working Sample attached is to show you all how it works and looks.

Draw Force Curve test two is an updated version where the plot is every .5" instead of 1" in it. All you do is enter the pounds value in A for every .5" and it plots the curve.

So what I want to find out: is possible and what I would need to complete the project.

My thoughts are: have the data pulled from serial port on the read out at every .5" or even every 1" and entered into the corresponding column row so that I can save the data and print it out to compare improvements to the drawforce of each bow. (I’m not stuck to this spread sheet if there is a better way).

I feel I need a rotation sensor that so many revolutions equal an inch and when the inch it reached the sensor triggers the arduino to record the data from the load cell.

I’m willing to dedicate a laptop to this project for this use only for real time viewing or if there is a way to store the data and download it into the spread sheet I’m ok with that as well.

I hope this is not to random and I will stop here until someone replies that yes this is do-able, and can maybe point me in the right direction to complete this.

Thanks again for you time. looking forward to hearing for the community on this idea

Draw Force Curve test one Dynamic updating rev1 (1).xls (12 KB)

Draw Force Curve test two Dynamic updating with draw lengths.xls (32 KB)

working sample DFC plot.xls (21.5 KB)