Where to start (Propane monitor with SMS alert)

I have a small indoor grill that uses propane stored in the cabinet below the grill. I want to build a small arduino module that will monitor the gas levels and let me know if any is leaking and send me a sms alert via email. If I could even possibly take it up a notch, have it shut the gas source off via 12v relay and a propane solenoid.

I’m thinking arduino mini with wifi module and something like this for the sensor:

This is going to be my first arduino project, and I want to make sure I don’t over spend on hardware I won’ t need.

Thanks for your help guys!

If this is your first project I would go for the Pro micro.

Sorry but if this is your first project I would choose one where nothing blows up if you get things wrong.

Wouldn't it be better to more more consistent about turning the gas supply off when not in use, and make sure the enclosure is well ventilated? I can't help thinking that using electronic equipment and relays and so on to handle a gas leak is only a small step up from leak testing with a match.

Toad: I have a small indoor grill that uses propane stored in the cabinet below the grill.

Surely this is not recommended.

It's been like this for over 20 years, nothing is going to change but having a remote monitor is a great piece of mind in my aspect. I don't ever foresee any leaks, but it would definitely be nice to know if anything ever did happen, or if somebody forgot to shutoff the gas, that it would notify somebody upon detection. I was thinking a solid state relay would mitigate any possible ignition sources. And thats neither here nor there, my first priority is just to make a detector with email "sms" alert and to not over spend on hardware.

How large is the propane cylinder?

How do you intend detecting a leak and differentiating between that and the grill being on? Presumably this grill does not have a pilot light?

It's a 5 gallon propane tank.

There should never be any gas leaking under the cabinet where the propane tank and the regulator meet up. Hence if it detects any gas at all, I get an sms and I can run and shut it off. I just need to know which hardware to get so I don't have more than I need.

Is this propane grill designed to be used indoors, and if so why does it require the gas to be shut off at all?

From what you've said so far I guess you have a grill designed to be used outdoors, you have moved it indoors and are quite rightly concerned about the safety aspects. Gas grills designed to be used outdoors may produce significant quantities of carbon monoxide and should never be used indoors unless they explicitly state that they are safe for indoors use.

The 20 lb. (same as 5 gal I believe) propane tanks I use for my outdoor grill say "outdoor use only, do not store in a building". OTOH I probably have a plumbing torch with a 14 oz. cylinder in my basement workshop and maybe a couple 1 lb. camping type cylinders. I haven't read the fine print on the small cylinders lately :astonished:

Jesus Christ, is it really this hard to get a straight answer.

Its an old ass RV, it has been installed this way its ENTIRE LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The line runs from the little storage area on the side of the RV, to the stove. I just want to be sure if the RV is parked and nobody turns the gas off, if a gas leak happens to occur I WANT A NOTIFICATION!!

WHAT HARDWARE DO I NEED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!