Where to start

hey guys..which one of the Arduino is best to run a servo?. nothing crazy . just one.. still new at this and can't grasp the electronic's lingo . please help..

An Arduino Uno will do just fine. But make sure you have an external 6V power supply, to power the servo. None of the Arduinos can power a servo directly, unless it is a micro servo.

So I kinda went into this blindingly … I bought the arduino UNO today. You know what. If anyone is bored and has nothing better to do and wants to help me with this little project of mine. Ill be more then grateful for your services. Damsel in distres <— joke. My email is thykhoun@gmail.com ill tell you what I’m trying to do with this.

Any basic arduino is good, and almost the same ting, only varies the amount of pines and in some cases they're positions, also the communication port shape may be different; Leonardo and UNO are the best for beginners; If don't know electronics UNO is better because you can change the chip if damaged.

for drive a step motor you will also need a stepper motor driver and some wires.

the wires and a breadboard are really helpful in Arduino building.

If you buy an UNO check this:

be aware that if you really get into it you will buy other and other arduino, just to try it, it happens to me :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:, Now I have 3 different kinds(Leonardo, lilypad and nano) XD.