Where to start?

Hello Everyone,

I'm a saber-smith and am new to the whole breadboard building thing. I would like to build my own sound card for an fx lightsaber. Are there any tutorials out there you can point me to?


Breadboard pretty specifically means a plastic board with internal connections for solderless plug-in prototyping. That is most probably the very last thing you need for a light saber, because it is not very shock resistant.
You also don't want a "sound card", but a circuit that detects motion and plays sounds.
For making bsew-zzish sound with a light saber, you need an Ardunio, an acceleration sensor and an MP3 module:

and a speaker to output that stuff.

You can put in "arduino example" and the part numbers above to see example code.

There is an ongoing topic about light sabers and custom PCB and RGB LEDs and sound source.
The guys doing it are really into it. Do a little searching, I bet it pops right up.

Adafruit gets into a bunch of those type effects. Check out their Learn pages

I have been in the saber scene for many years.. and let me tell you, you have a long road ahead of you if you are asking these questions.

not to mention the already available, off the shelf products.

but if learning what you are after, then jump right in.

The DIY guys here and FX-Sabers are using an Arduino and Teensy as their base 'boards' (brains)..

Then usually using some pre-made components for audio, motion detection..etc

Once they have things cobbled together, they work on the code as aspect of the project (which is a big task in itself).. after that the create a custom PCB to transfer all the raw components to one board as their 'product'..

If you really want to go down this road.. I say break things up into piece and work on them individually.

Learn ow the Arduino works with some simple sketches.. then work up a button/menu/input system.. (power on/off....changing your fonts..etc)

Then maybe focus on the accelerometer/gyrometer (motion detection) stuff...

Then add in some audio....etc

Good luck!