Where to stick the Arduino? My two solutions

No, this is not about sticking the Arduino where the people at certain other fora would like to stick it, but what I do to mine.

My worktable is a mess. The only free space is a palm sized area that I need to move the computer mouse. There are plenty of conductive object, and I really do not want to short circuit The Arduino.

I have two solutions that I use.

The first one is a “specimen box” that we use at work for whatever need to be put in a box. It is clear polystyrene, and relatively sturdy. The board just fits in it, and cutting a square hole for the USB and a round one for the plug has it sitting nice and cosy, and well protected from most things on the table.
There is still room in the box for other components.

Solution two is a piece of 5mm plexiglass with a breadboard, a 25A solid state relay and three sets of holes, allowing the Arduino to be mounted with nylon screws in three different directions… It is still in the direction where I first mounted it. The flexibility seemed like a great idea, I just never used it.

Well - you obviously need to spread out to the dining room table then 8)

CrossRoads: Well - you obviously need to spread out to the dining room table then 8)

..... the photos [u]are[/u] taken at the dining room table :grin:

I'll have to clear it before SWMBO comes home.

Well, in that case, the living room too. We've really spread out since the kid went off to college! Oscilloscope shipping box makes a nice little table top.

When i started on my flash trigger box, I had just brought a arduino intro kit and additional hardware when I went to my parents for a week's holiday. While I was there, most mornings they had lost the kitchen table to laptop, wires, circuit boards, papers and books. This won't be happening next visit though as that project has just been completed. The past week my desk at home and the converted counter beside it has been covered in tools, papers, computers, wires, camera and flash gear... with barely room for the coffee cup. luckily I was in the process of mounting my board in a converted "lunchbox" so had no conductivity issues.

A suggestion - I made a little sloping board for my graphics tablet. You could make a hutch which straddles over your toolbox or osciliscopes etc like a shelf and put some of the stuff lurking on the bench onto that to give you working space.