I got back this afternoon from a grueling weekend visiting family in the Houston, TX area. When I haven’t been there for a while, I forget how truly awful that area is. The weather is horrible, hot an humid, the traffic is the worst in the USA, and the people are, well the people are okay, I guess.

I’m going to put a note on my refrigerator warning myself not to go again!

Is it really that different from Dallas, TX?

Oh, yeah! The humidity here is much lower so even when it’s 100 degrees (F) it’s pretty comfortable because your perspiration evaporates pretty quickly and keep you cool(er).

In Houston, you just sweat. >:(

Houston sounds like NYC… Traffic and heat. Always during the summer. Probably correlated, who knows…

I forget how truly awful that area is.

I’ve lived in both Houston and Dallas. Houston’s humidity is definitely worse but truly awful compared to Dallas is a bit of a stretch.

Well born in California SF bay area so high humidity was a real shock to me when I attended basic and tech school training in the Air Force for a year in Texas, how can people live like this :wink:

Been to both Dallas and Houston several times sense and found Houston to be much worst then Dallas. However I lived in Baton Rouge LA for 18 months on a construction project and their summer storms and humidity were just unbelievable. However nice friendly people, much nicer then east coast people in my opinion. ::slight_smile:


@ Lefty

I attended basic and tech school training in the Air Force for a year in Texas,

Lackland & Sheppard ?

Lackland & Sheppard ?

Yea, both places. Started Basic in July at Lackland, never so hot in my life. Went to Sheppard and was never so cold then that following winter. That is until my first assignment from there to Great Falls Montana, now there was cold! Recall one 10 day stretch at 30 degrees below zero :o
Final assignment was to Hawaii and that kind of made up for all the rest :wink:


Don’t you just love thread morph? :slight_smile:

That’s why we come to Bar Sport, after all, isn’t it?


I’ve lived in Texas my whole life and if there is anything you can say about our weather it’s that you can’t predict it. We’re having freakish thunderstorms now in the Dallas/Ft Worth area and it’s still July and should be in the 100s. A week or so ago there was golf ball size hail and full sun at the same time.