Which 4051 to buy?

I'm new to electronics and I'm about to buy an Arduino Till that time I was reading up on some of the Arduino examples/sketches .

I'm looking to try a piezo-to-MIDI device with an Arduino

The Arduino article on multiplexing mentioned a 4051 chip for multiplexing.. Most people online seem to use a MAX4051 one. The MAX4051 IC doesn't seem to be available in the electronic hobby stores close to me.. However some Googling led me to find this: 74HC4051 and 74HCT4051 (which are available where I live)

Are they the same as the MAX4051 ? If not, which other ones can I use?

Read their datasheets, see if their are any peculiar features among them, then ask more questions here. You would have the piezo go thru for the arduino to convert to MIDI?

Loss of fidelity in youw wiring, socket connections, etc, will likely overwhelm any differemces you see in the MUXes, unless one offers 3.3V operation or something along those lines.