Which 4G Modules?

What 4G modules are available to use with Arduino? I've googled and it mostly only found Adafruit 3G modules but I want something that will continue to work for a few years and only need to transmit a tiny amount of information once a day.

Okey but were any 4G modules found? There are more sources than Adafruit.

Look for Arduino 4G
TinySine and others make 4G shields today.

Yes but from reading this forum there are some that perform much better than others and I don't know what people experience have been like, how easy they are to interface with, and how long they might be supported for.

Many of the 4G shields or hats are SIM7600 based, hence they’ll all work exactly the same - apart from antenna and code.
Those are the integrator’s problem (!)

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