Which antenna use to Neo-6M Gps module

Hello community .
I' m planning to make a simple gps tracker with an lcd , so i checked out on the web for some gps module , and i found the Neo-6M .
Then i looked on some forums and i saw that many people had signal power problems with that .
The module that i want to buy comes with the standard square thick antenna .

So , i was wondering , can i connect an even more powerful antenna to the module ? If yes , which type should i buy ?

Thanks for your help .

There are external active antennas, i.e. they include a amplifier to compensate for cable losses, but not sure if the el-cheapo Neo6M modules support them.

Why do you want a 'better' antenna, whats the application ?

AKA "patch antenna".

Indeed, and not seen those bigger that the normal 25mm versions.


My latest GPS is a Neo 6M board with a patch antenna. It is an active antenna and it worked very well until I broke the connection of the tiny cable at its soldered joint on the antenna. So be aware of how physically weak this connection is.

Other boards come with passive patch antenna. The active ones have a small PCB under them with electronic components. The passive ones just connect to the board by a central single pin.

three things I require in a GPS module:
*no less than two mounting holes. one is a pivot, none is a joke.
*provision for an SMA antenna connector. never the twinky u.fl connector. it's a steel roof thing.
*request a module with no header and no SMA connector. I will supply my own, and install it in an orientation that suits my needs. if the vendor won't sell it that way, another vendor will.

what's your preferred type of antenna to connect via the SMA connection?

Two Neo 6M boards with active antenna. The antenna shud be soldered to those metal pads. Solder the header block AFTER soldering the antenna. Antenna shud face upwards so the Neo becomes "upside down".

Two active antennae. Metal can on the right one has been de-soldered revealing the electronics. The cable connecting it to the Neo board has come off. It is coaxial and for me impossible to re-attach. With a new one, DON'T STRESS THE CONNECTION IN ANY WAY. Fix the antenna in place on the Neo board before using. A blob of hot melt glue around the connection might provide some stress relief.

I wanted to understand how the cable is soldered to the antenna board. This photo is of a new unit. Now I see the inner conductor is soldered to the point labelled something like "EDS". The outer conductor is soldered to the large island. I imagine that is ground.

I may be able to re-attach the broken cable if I can expose the wires. Was easier to buy a new GPS board + antenna.

The date stamp on each antenna board is 14.01.2018. I have wondered if these GPS modules are new or used.

This new antenna gave me a positional fix in a few minutes on first use.

i have to use it for a gps navigator , and i think that travelling at speeds like 130 km/h could cause some problems

I would suggest something like a Quectel L80.

Much lower power consumption than a Neo6M, smaller, lighter and with integrated antenna, so no antenna cable issues. Low cost to.