which arduino 3v, 5v or 2009?

i’m just getting started and still juggling which board to get. principally my search is between the 3v, the 5v and the duemilinova.

the first two are similar boards but each will have it’s own set of stuff i can connect to for power reasons, and then there’s the new board… the duemilinova.

i’ve heard a few rumblings about faults on the 2009 board…

so: is there any concensus or general opinion on which is the best to start with of the three?


Uh, faults, where? I’ve not heard anyone mention any problems with the Duemilanove. The Duemilanove is a 5V VCC board. It’s the current board and the easiest to use with the IDE and USB and external power options. If you’re just starting out, you want five volts VCC as most examples will assume it. (It provides 3.3V out for peripherals that want it.)

5v is the best way to go , For you will most likely be interfacing with 5v TTL chips.

The only reason I can see why you would get for 3.3v is if you are running low power off batteries, or needing to interface with 3.3v only chip like the xbee.

I would go with 3.3V unless you need to run the board at the highest frequencies.
You will also consume less power. Modules like Bluetooth and XBee will most likely
need 3.3V.

For mixing 5V and 3.3V logic use AHC devices which have 5V tolerant inputs.

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OK if we are voting I would go for 5V as well. It uses higher power but is more of a general purpose system.

While you can blow up a 3v3 device by connecting 5V stuff to it you can’t blow up a 5V device by connecting 3v3 stuff to it.

Pluse most of the examples on the net still use the older 5V standard.