Which Arduino and TFT

I am new to Arduino and would like some advice if anyone would be kind enough to give it. I am building a controller with the following requirements:

  • need 4 free PWM pins to control 4 led drivers
  • need to be able to control 4 relays
  • would like to use a touch screen to set parameters
  • need a real time clock
  • (optional ) a couple of temp sensors

The question: Will the Arduino Uno coupled with an EZLCD handle these requirements ?


try the SMARTGPU


That is really impressive !

Yes, very impressive but way more than I need. I will keep this one in mind for future projects. I would not be looking at the EZLCD but all the other TFTs that I have looked at use too many pins and limit the available pins to control external hardware. What I really need is a plain vanilla TFT that doesn't use up my PWM pins.

Thanks for the response,

Do you have an ARD MEGA, or can you get one? If so, there are numerous TFT on eBay, overstock, digikey etc. that have TFT made for the MEGA for those who need their PWM pins. This way you keep you PWM and your analog pins for other projects.

I too am making a ARD controller using a 3.2 TFT with a JY-MCU BT master module and 3 axis accelerometer, with possible plans for voice recogition. When it is done, I will post a video of it on my Youtube channel, HazardOfExistance.

PS. I am currently waiting on my new BT module to arrive, it should have been here last friday, but I got a battery instead. :{

Take a look at 4D Systems displays. They can be had direct from 4D or through places like Sparkfun. These displays have onboard processors and are fairly simple to communicate with only requiring a serial rx and tx and this can be done through software serial.

Be aware of what you are getting though. There is a HUGE difference between Resistive touch and Capacitive touch. The display linked above is a resitive touch display and will require a stylus for accurate and reliable 'touches'. There are not a lot of options for capacitive touch displays in anything under about 4" and you pay for it. 4D recently released a 4.3" capacitive touch display and it is $200. I have a couple of their displays, one of which is the 2.4" touch and I can get a response from a fingernail but it is not accurate. A simple touch yields nothing.

Newhaven carries some smaller displays and mouser sells them. They are much cheaper but you run into the interface problem where it would require a lot more connections at some point to commnicate with them plus you have to deal with the ribbon cable and how to mount it.