Which arduino board for 2x analog in and 1x analog output?

I'm designing a small simple project that accepts two linear 0-5v input and then outputs a bent 0-1v signal as a result.

It will be going in a car so I am looking for a board I can buy that is already assembled and has a nice box with terminal screws already mounted. I could accept no box and just terminal screws though.

What products are available that might suit my needs? I'm quite an experienced programmer I just am not familiar with the various ranges available.

In case anyone is interested the project is to convert a wideband AFR signal to a narrowband signal to convert a car to "lean burn" by effectively creating a narrowband sensor that swings around a configurable AFR range. The second analog input is for rpm so I can implement other fancy stuff down the track.

The various Arduino boards all have multiple 5V analog inputs into a 10-bit analog-to-digital converter.

However, they do not have a true digital-to-analog converter or true analog outputs. They have 8-bit PWM ouputs which can approximate analog in certain applications such as dimming an LED or varying the speed of a motor.

So, you may need an external DAC. You may also need some additional circuitry depending on how much analog power/current you need.

For most automotive applications, you should generally add a [u]protection circuit[/u] to protect the Arduino inputs from unexpected voltage spikes. However, if the 5V circuit you are attaching has a voltage regulator, you may be OK.