Which Arduino board I should use?

Hello friends,

I'm planning on a project for my final year project at the university. I'm planning to implement an accident reporting system with Arduino. My plan is to use,

  • Shock sensor
  • Motion senor
  • GSM Module (sim 800l)
  • GPS Module (NEO 6M)
  • Flex sensor
  • Buzzer
  • Countdown Timer with screen
  • Button (press button to cancel alerting service)

So I'm planning to implement the system to detect an accident with those components and to send an emergency message with the location to emergency services via text message. Also, I need to send the same message to a nominated person and I'm planning to implement an Android application to send data regarding the detected accident type (sensor data). Planning to implement the Android app with Firebase. I need to fetch data from Arduino to firebase.

Can I manage all those things with Arduino UNO?
Please help me with your recommendations and advice.

Note: I cannot use wifi modules for this project. I have to go with a GSM module.

Hope you guys will help me.

Thank you for your valuable time and consideration.

Can you bring us up to date on what research you have done, so far? Can you provide clickable links to all the hardware components that you mentioned? Have you ordered, or definitely chosen any particular parts?

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Thank you for your reply. Currently, I have Arduino UNO and SIM 800L modules.
And I plan to use MPU 6050 as the motion sensor, and KY-002 as the shock sensor. I am a newbie to Arduino. I found these sensors on the internet. If you have any suggestions, please let me know.

I suggest you post links to the hardware you have, as suggested in reply #2.

Also, please explain how those components contribute to an "accident detector". The method(s) that you use to detect an accident, do relate to the question of what hardware is appropriate. What is the accident subject, pedestrian? automobile? robot? airplane? How will it be powered?

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I'm planning to use the shock sensor, motion sensor, and flex sensors to detect an accident with their readings. I will be able to handle the coding part and I have knowledge on that. I'm planning to fix this unit in a car dashboard and do the communication part with the GSM module. The unit can be powered with the vehicle. I want to know will I be able to manage all those components with Arduino UNO.

Hi @era_46,

According to what you've said, an Uno should work.

Just curious, what are the flex sensors for if this device is for vehicles?

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Thank you for your reply. I'm planning to use the flex sensor attached to the device. If a critical accident happened to the vehicle and if the flex sensor gets readings then I need to pass the message to the android application and alert regarding the critical damage to the nominated person. Previously I was planning to add a camera module to capture photos and feed them to the firebase. but lately, I found that is very difficult to do with the GSM module.

I hope you have all the answers you need. Have fun!

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Thank you! :slight_smile:

You have several serial devices. You will need one for debugging and one each for the GPS and GSM. You can use software serial for this, but the Arduino can only listen to one at a time. This likely doesn't matter for your application, but I would be inclined to get a device with at least one more hardware serial port.

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Such as the Arduino Mega, which has two.

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Are you aware that a number of cars have emergency response systems , that call for help after an accident, periodically sound the horn, flash lights etc - you might want to look at those systems as presumably they use existing sensors built into the car ( eg for airbag actuation ) .
You might want to also look at canbus if it’s fit working in car .

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Thank you for the reply. I will have a look at it.

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Will it work at the same time? I have no clear idea about that.

Well, I suppose technically it does, but it also has another two :wink:

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I'm really sorry I didn't know about that. I researched regarding my requirements but I didn't find any proper solution. I apologize for my mistake.

Thank you for your reply. Yes, I have researched on some projects and existing systems. But I want to implement this system with an Andriod application.

Yes, it will. Here is a tutorial:

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It does? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I just checked and I was wrong, the Mega has three serial ports:

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