Which Arduino Board should I use

Hi, I need to build a robot arm and plan to use 3 servos and 2 DC geared motors. I can only use a maximum of 9V DC to power the motors, servos, etc. but I can use any number of such 9V (or less) batteries.

Therefore which Arduino Board is best suited to manage the above scenario?

Secondly, can I place 2 Arduino Motor Shields on the same Arduino Board given that I want to control motor speed and polarity with the Motor Shields.

Thank you.

You can do that easily with a Uno, and don't need 2 shields. The Arduino shield supports 2 motors and leaves enough pins to control three 3 servos.

Note that the 298 chip gives a hefty voltage drop- almost 5V at 2A, and a minimum of 2V anyway so make sure your supply less that drop is still enough to run the motors. That's especially true with low PWM duty cycles and low average voltage.

thank you! Much appreciated. :)